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Longitudinal Elbow Welder


The All Time Longitudinal Elbow Welder is designed for welding the longitudinal seams of heavy wall elbows that are formed in halves.

Traditionally, the two halves of the formed heavy wall elbows are being welded manually out of position with very poor productivity and very high defective rate. The All Time Longitudinal Elbow Welder that is made up by the combination of a heavy duty gear positioner, a special fit up jig, a manipulator and a custom modified ID / OD welding arm overcome the challenge by providing an effective solution to carry out the welding task in position with the high deposition automatic SAW process inside and out of the elbows.

Tack welded heavy wall elbows can either be loaded in horizontal or vertical position to the jig on the positioner table, with SAW to be carried inside and out of the elbow at the 12 and 6 o'clock position. Weld travel is controlled by the rotation drive of the gear position to ensure continuous welding with high welding speed accuracy, which is crucial in delivering code quality welds strictly according to the designated welding procedures.

For high volume production that cannot effort any down time, All Time is able to offer different combinations of systems components to maximize the arc on time for automatic welding.

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