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Flange Welder


All Time PFW Pipe Flange Welder is designed to weld flanges and other pipe components to pipe ends. It is a cost-effective welding solution that is especially beneficial for volume production that demands repeatable code quality welds with minimum weld cycle time.



Precise rotation speed control protected against high frequency interference with speed holding accuracies of up to 1%


Pneumatic torch positioning to minimize time to reposition welding arc after loading and unloading


Pneumatic Clamping provides motion and pressure to maintain tight fit of flanges or other assembled parts


Machined face plates or custom engineered tools to hold and center flanges / parts to pipe ends accurately and effectively


Movable tailstock for ease of unloading parts


Integral mounting leveling pads


Optional in-feed and out-feed conveyor systems to minimize equipment down time for mass production.

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